Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes, Serum


Reference Range

Alkaline phoshatase is a metalloglycoprotein found in all body tissues, in many different forms (Isoenzymes). Each isoenzyme has a different chemical structure and activity depending on where in the body it is produced, as well as its genetic origin. It is mainly found in the liver, bone, kidneys, intestine and the placenta. This test is done to determine where in the body a problem has originated. For example, when bones are growing, liver cells are damaged, or a biliary obstruction occurs. ELEVATION in BONE enzyme activity has been demonstrated in Paget’s disease, Osteitis Fibrosa, and Osteomalacia. ELEVATION in LIVER enzyme appears in intra- or extra- hepatic cholestasis and in hepatic metastasis. ELEVATION in PLACENTAL enzyme (Regan isoenzyme) is associated with certain lung and genitourinary malignancies, including ovarian and cervical cancer. See Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum

Special Requirements

2mL Refrigerated sample. Fasting sample preferred. Separate immediately. Use plastic tube. State age, sex, patient historyand total ALP level.

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