Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Programs is considered an essential investment in human resources. Studies proved that workers are more likely to be performing efficiently when they are feeling well both physically and mentally. The Corporate wellness programs encourage employees to take steps to prevent the onset or worsening of a health condition or sickness and to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Why wellness?

With today’s fast paced lifestyles and endless workplace pressures, non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, cancer, asthma, hypertension, obesity and uncontrolled stress levels are find their way to countless lives, as opposed to communicable diseases.

Most employees do not schedule annual medical checkup tests either due to the high cost of such tests or time constraints. Thanks to Biolab’s corporate wellness services, many patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol cases were detected among employees in various companies, where they were guided to seek medical treatment and improve their wellbeing.

 Companies and businesses who are interested in corporate wellness do implement different types of programs like onsite gyms, disseminating wellness newsletters or conducting medical checkups for employees. Corporate Wellness is a growing priority and should be put to action to ensure the wellness of the most essential corporate asset.

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