Patient Confidentiality

Biolab policy on protection of personal information

General Expectations Related to Patient Confidentiality

The confidentiality of information regarding services rendered to patients by biolab laboratories will be maintained at all times and will not be discussed with any unauthorized person.

Confidential information includes all biolab records whether hardcopy of electronic format (such as policies and/or procedures), medical records, laboratory reports, laboratory specimens, financial information or other patient related information available in any medium including written, oral and electronic format.

Biolab staff will not in any way divulge, copy, print, download, release, review, alter or destroy any confidential information except where as required by their job duties and properly authorized by:

  • The Laboratory Director for all medical information.
  • The management for all non-medical information such as biolab Policies and Procedures, staff records, financial aspects, etc…
  • Legally permissible.
  • Biolab staff will exercise reasonable caution to prevent any person who does not need access to the information from seeing or overhearing confidential information.
  • The extent of the confidentiality commitment by biolab staff shall not only be effective during their active employment status at biolab, but shall carry over indefinitely after their employment seizes, regardless of the reason including resignation.

 Biolab staff Confidentiality Agreements

 Confidentiality Agreements 

Each staff member will review and sign a Confidentiality Statement of Understanding form. The HR department will provide the form and facilitate getting it signed.

Protected medical information:

  • Lab information management system (LIMS) is password restricted. No one can access the information without having an authorized password. Each employee has his/ her own private password to access the system and is required to log off every time to facilitate monitoring any security breach and there is a specific criteria for LIMS passwords. It forces employees to change password every 6 months for security reasons.
  • Patient’s results are available online upon their request on biolab website To access patient information online (whether it is a patient wanting to check the results or a doctor wanting to follow up on patients) there is a need for a unique password generated discretely by the LIMS system.
  • Our LIMS system main database is on a secure external server because our server host ensures protection against fire, humidity, electricity surges and theft.

 Patient information filing is stored in a secured storage area for confidentiality away from external unauthorized access.

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