Dr. Farakid F. H. Alkhafaji

Contact Number: +962 6 590 7000 - Ext: 7703
Lab Director for Biolab 4 Clinical Biochemistry

I obtained my first degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) from Iraq in the year 1984, and my second degree in Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology (JMCC) from the Jordanian Board in Clinical Pathology in the year 1994, followed by an MSC in Clinical Chemistry from the UK in the year 1998, and a Diploma in Biomedical Methods also obtained from the UK in the year 2001. My main years of training were spent at the Royal Jordanian Medical Services and the United Kingdom.

I joined Biolab in December 2011 taking on the post of Lab Director for our Khalidi Branch. At Biolab, I am in charge of managing the branch and its two core labs (BK and RK). Within my line of work, I am also responsible for consultations and interpretations relevant to the field of Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to contribute to general healthcare knowledge by publishing a few national and international publications relevant to the field of Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology.

These publications reflect my heartfelt dedication to helping others, elevating their healthcare standards, and in turn serving my community.

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