Amikacin, Serum


Reference Range

Amikacin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic used to treat different types of bacterial infections, most often used for treating Gram negative bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter, and Enterobacter. It has also proved to be effective in bacterial septicemia, serious infections of the respiratory tract, bones and joints, central nervous system, skin, and in recurrent urinary tract infections. Amikacin is potentially nephrotoxic and ototoxic, and serial monitoring of serum levels provides information to maintain safe and therapeutic levels. Also, to evaluate the bactericidal activity of the dose administered. HIGH concentrations of antibiotic well above the normal range can have toxic effects in the kidneys and the inner ear.

Special Requirements

Sampling time for peak is 30 -60 min after dose. Sampling time for trough is immediately prior to the next dose. Time to achieve steady state after chronic dose varies among individuals. draw blood pre-dose

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