Microalbumin : Creatinine Ratio, random urine

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Microalbuminuria occurs when the kidney leaks small amounts of albumin into the urine, in other words, when there is an abnormally high permeability for albumin in the renal glomerulus. In normal subjects, albumin secretion in the urine is enhanced by smoking, drinking, a high-protein diet and intense physical exercise. In diabetics, early detection of increased albumin secretion in the urine is essential to be able to forestall the renal damage which is the main reason for morbidity and mortality in this disease. Patients who have consistently detectible amounts of albumin in their urine have an increased risk of developing progressive kidney failure and cardiovascular disease in the future. This test is more sensitive than conventional chemical methods and screening tests (e.g. dipsticks); It can detect increased albumin excretion before it becomes overtly pathological. MODERATELY INCREASED microalbumin levels in urine indicate that a person is in one of the very early phases of developing kidney disease. VERY HIGH levels are an indication that kidney disease is present in a more severe form.

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Avoid voiding urine for 4 hours before testing

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