Metanephrine and Normetanephrine, Plasma


المجموعة المرجعية

This test measures the amount of metanephrines that are excreted in the urine over a 24-hour period. Metanephrines are the inactive metabolites of the catecholamines epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine. The metanephrine test can be used to help detect the presence of pheochromocytomas.

متطلبات خاصة

3 mL EDTA plasma Frozen < 1hr. Hemolyzed samples not acceptable. The blood should be taken with the patient sitting in an upright position after having rested for10 minutes. MAO Inhibitors, alpha-metyldopa, Tricyclic antidepressants, Calcium antagonists, ACE Inhibitors, Bromocriptine , Chlorpromazine should be stopped at least one week before taking the blood sample . Antidepressants (except Lithium) should be stopped at least 3 weeks before. Avoid stress and the intake of Amphetamines, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, Aspirin, Quinidine, Tetracycline, Theophyllin, Erythromycin, medicine withdrawal (Ethanol, Clonidine), Vasodilatator therapy (e.g. Phenoxybenzyamine), nose drops, bronchodilatators, appetite depressants, cough syrup.

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