Aldolase, Serum


Reference Range

Aldolase is an enzyme involved in the metabolism of fructose in order to yield energy (Kreb’s cycle). It has three distinct isoenzymes: A, B and C, which are found throughout the body but primarily found in high levels in muscle tissue. This test is performed to monitor patients with muscular dystrophy and other conditions affecting skeletal muscles. HIGH levels of serum aldolase are associated with damage to skeletal muscles, hepatitis, Infectious mononucleosis, pancreatic or prostate cancer, muscular dystrophy, myocardial infarction, and Polymyositis. LOW levels are associated with hereditary fructose intolerance or hemolytic anemia.

Special Requirements

Separate immediately. Minimum sample 500 µl. Avoid haemolysis. Unstable at room temperature.

Ready within 2

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