Inhibin B, Serum


Reference Range

Inhibin B consists of two partially homologous disulphide linked subunits, a and ?. It plays a role in the regulation of FSH level. In the male, inhibin B is the main inhibin secreted by the sertoli cells of the testis. Administration of FSH in men with hypospermatogenisis increases inhibin B along with sperm number. This test is used a marker of follicle development, thus, inhibin B may be useful as an early indicator of response during ovarian stimulation and as a prognostic marker for women undergoing assisted reproductive techonologies. Inhibin B is ELEVATED in a majority of women with granulosa cell tumors and epithelial ovarian cancers. In males, LOW levels are seen in individuals using hormonal contraceptives. It is also decreased in patients treated with chemotherapy for hematological malignancy due to seminiferous tubule damage.

Special Requirements

Sample must be collected on 3rd day of cycle.

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