Glucagon, Plasma


Reference Range

A blood glucose-raising pancreatic hormone. Glucagon is a small hormonal peptide of 29 amino acids with a molecular weight of about 3550 which plays an important role in glucoregulation. It is secreted by the alpha-cells of the pancreatic islets and opposes the action of insulin by potent activation of glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis. Hepatic glucose increases within minutes of glucagon stimulation. Increased levels seen in patients with glucagonoma syndrome (due to a very rare tumor).

Special Requirements

12 Hours Fasting Sample. Cool EDTA tube in Refrigerator for 10-15 Minutes , Draw 3 ml Whole Blood in EDTA Tube , Shake well & Put the tube back in the Refrigerator and Let the Plasma Settle on its Own without Using the Centrifuge Separate Plasma & Fill in a Sterile Tube .

Ready within 21

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