Activated Protein C Resistance (Factor V Leiden G1691A mutation), by PCR


Reference Range

This test is useful in the differential diagnosis of hereditary thrombophilia. Around 20% of heterozygotes and 40% of homozygotes develop thrombosis at an average age of 36 and 25 respectively. The relative risk of venous thrombosis for carriers of this mutation is estimated to be 5-10-fold increase for heterozygote and 50-100-fold increase for homozygote individuals. See Activated Protein C Resistnace (Factor V Leiden), Functional; Protein C Antigen Assay; and Protein S Total and Free.

Special Requirements

Results released on Mon. & Thu. Collect in EDTA vacutainer tube. Avoid contamination with DNA of phlebotomist. Avoid haemolysed samples. Send tube unopened.

Ready within 3

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