Ethanol (Alcohol), Quantitative, Serum


Reference Range

Ethanol can cause both acute and chronic poisoning. Symptoms depend on the amount ingested, age, concomitant drugs, the person’s sate of health and individual sensitivity. When ethanol is consumed, it is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, and carried throughout the body in the blood stream. This test is used for quantitation of alcohol level for medical or legal purposes as well as to diagnose alcohol intoxication, and determine appropriate therapy. SMALL amounts of ethyl alcohol can cause euphoria, relaxation, and decreased inhibition. MODERATE amounts can cause impaired judgment and decreased motor skills. LARGE amounts in a relatively short period of time can cause acute ethanol toxicity with disorientation, depressed breathing, coma, and even death. Chronic ingestion of large quantities of alcohol can lead to alcoholism and to permanent liver damage.

Special Requirements

Vacutainer. Store refrigerated.

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