Complement Hemolytic Activity (CH50), Serum

7 Day(s)

Reference Range

The complement system participates in the immunological defense in the body. It consists of a group of several proteins which normally exist in serum in an inactive form. The traditional method for determination of functional complement activity, to look at the integrity of the entire classical complement pathway, is the total hemolytic (CH50) assay. Assessment of CH50 is useful in screening for genetic deficiencies in the complement system and in monitoring the progress of patients with immune complex disease. DECREASED activity is often seen in SLE, glomerulonephritis, cryoglobulinemia, liver disease, trauma, and other immune complex diseases. Activity is INCREASED during an acute phase response.

Special Requirements

Allow to clot at room temperature for 15-30 minutes. Remove serum after centrifugation, place in plastic transport tube, and freeze immediately. send frozen

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