Calcitonin, Serum


Reference Range

Calcitonin is a hormone produced by the parafollicular cells (C cells) of the thyroid gland. It is involved in the regulation of calcium levels in the blood, in phosphorus metabolism, and in inhibiting bone breakdown (resorption). The calcitonin test is primarily used to help diagnose C-cell hyperplasia and medullary thyroid cancer, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, and to monitor patients of recurrence. ELEVATED levels of calcitonin are good indicator of C-cell hyperplasia or medullary thyroid cancer.

Special Requirements

Fasting sample is usually obtained to establish baseline level. Draw into ice-cooled plain tube. Separate and freeze serum immediately at -20°C in plastic tube. Avoid grossly haemolysed or grossly lipemic samples. send frozen

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