Find out what food suit your body with Biolab's Food Hypersensitivity Test

Even food which is normally considered as healthy can cause chronic complaints to individuals. What is healthy for someone doesn’t need to be healthy for the other.  Can’t get rid of your gastro-intestinal problems (flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome)? Or have been plagued for years by skin problems (itching, neurodermatitis, and psoriasis), by chronic fatigue, by excess weight … 

It is general knowledge that many of these complaints can be caused by inflammatory reactions. If it is food causing these reactions, then complaints may improve or even disappear completely after a specific change in diet. 

 These foods-causing inflammations are referred to as “food hypersensitivity” and their trigger can be determined by the detection of specific IgG antibodies. 

 biolab offers an extensive test  "Food Hypersensitivity Test" using ImuPro where antibodies to more than 270 food types and additives are being detected. 

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