Contracted Insurance Companies

Biolab is an accredited laboratory that offers patient-centered services by harnessing the latest technology for the most recent scientific advancements. It has always been our ultimate priority to build strong connections between insured patients and their insurance companies by relying on our high standard services to facilitate the health care process.

To know our contracted insurance companies, please refer to our list below:

Arab Jordan Investment Bank
Al Motdamenon Insurance
Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance Co
Al Yarmouk University
Arab Assurers Company
Arab Bank
gig-Arab Orient
Central Electricity Generating Company
Euro Arab Insurance Group
Globemed Jordan
Housing Bank
Indo-Jordan Chemicals Company
Irbid District Electricity Company LTD
Isra University
Jordan Central Bank
Jordan Commercial Bank
Jordan Electric Power Company
Jordan Phosphate Mines Co.
Jordan`s Electricity Distribution Company
Lawyer Syndicate
Med Net
Med Service Insurance Company
MEDEXA Insurance Company
Middle East Insurance Company
NATHEALTH Insurance Company
National Electric Power Company
Newton Insurance Company
Omni Care
Royalty Health Insurance & Management
Samra Electricity Company
Solidarity First Insurance
The Islamic Insurance Company
The Jordanian Engineering Association
Arab Insurance

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