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Quality Assurance


Biolab’s Commitment to Quality Assurance


Quality is of utmost importance at Biolab, it is an essential building block in our structure in addition it is a natural cornerstone to continuous improvement. It is a target and goal that permeates every department and technical section within every Biolab branch, from receiving patients all the way to releasing results.

Quality monitoring, maintenance and improvement are used at Biolab to improve patient care and to address the needs of its clients at all times. Through constant monitoring and with a focus on continual improvement, Biolab ensures that clients are satisfied with the service they receive.

Biolab’s state of the art facility provides cutting-edge research and development of new assays as well as refinement of existing diagnostic tests to produce assays with greater sensitivity, specificity, efficiency and clinical value for reliable and cost-effective patient assessment.


To achieve and maintain high standards, Biolab's Quality Assurance (QA) program monitors the following:


·         Quality Key Performance Indicators; they address the quality of Biolab's assays, as well as pre- and post-analytical aspects of testing. Example indicators include: accuracy and clarity of laboratory reports; appropriateness of samples, labeling, transport conditions, assay precision, client interaction and consultation, compliance with policy and procedure, patient outcome and very importantly turnaround time. The goal is to define and meet the needs of Biolab's complex customer base.

·         Internal Quality Control; our full scope of tests undergoes a rigorous internal quality monitoring program. At minimum, two levels of controls are run for every analyte daily. This ensures accuracy and precision of all analyte parameters and consequently, patient’s results.

·         Developing simultaneous sets of statistics for mean and standard deviation; to rule out shifts and trends in daily controls all analytes are monitored using the manufacturer’s mean and standard deviation in addition to the our calculated mean and standard deviation. This process narrows down any false bias and increases accuracy and precision of control results.

·         Confirmation of abnormal results; whether too low or too high, a sample is run twice (on two different instruments if possible) to ensure integrity of result. This process puts our patients at peace of mind, at the same time it rules out any clerical/ technical error that might occur at any time. Critical results are effectively communicated to referring physicians and patients after being confirmed to ensure safety of patients and accuracy and promptness of needed treatment.

·         External Proficiency Testing; in addition to our internal quality control program we participate in external proficiency testing programs to rule out inter-laboratory bias. This gives us an edge in quality and ensures furthermore the accuracy of our results.

·         Continuous Medical Education (CME) Program; educational lectures are given year round to cover a wide variety of topics. The program includes lectures given in-house by our own staff or by external lecturers and external lectures off laboratory premisis. This opens up opportunity to learn more through research, presentation and participation.




1-       Jordanian Ministry of Health, MOH certification/ accreditation.

2-       Joint Commission International, JCI accreditation.

3-       ISO 15189 accreditation (finalization stages).


Biolab is always committed to providing the highest quality service to its patient’s in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This commitment applies not only to technical operations, but also to business operations, including marketing practices and billing. Biolab seriously and continuously evaluates its ethical conduct to ensure that it complies with all laws that affect its business.




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