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Biomnis & Biolab



Biolab and Biomnis work closely together. Should a specimen be tested in France at Biomnis, a dedicated biolab team will be able to assit patients as well as serving referring labs and send samples abroad in the proper conditions to Biomnis.

Biomnis, formerly known as Laboratoire Marcel Merieux (or LMM), has more than a century of experience in reference services for specialised medical pathology, and it has a strong presence in the Arab Gulf countries, in Europe and Asia.


Biomnis has now 23 logistic hubs worldwide. In addition, it regularly receives specimens from 20 others countries including that from biolab- Jordan. 

Biomnis has a dedicated registration team, working round the clock, 6 days a week, to proceed with all the specimens received from Jordan which are sent regularly.


Biomnis is well known for its unique international customer service, online results and  highly qualified staff, available from Monday to Saturday to answer any question or any raised concern


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