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Our values


Underpinning this vision and mission, are core values that have been at the heart of Biolab since its inception:

Experience & Professionalism

We seek excellence in all we do. From high medical expertise, to our internal quality assurance as well as our effective delivery of health care; we set a high bar and without compromise.

Integrity & Reliability 

We adhere to the highest medical and professional standards through the implementation of established worldwide code of practice. Our results are released only after going through a complete and comprehensive cycle of controlled procedures and maintained instrumentation. 

Humanity &Compassion

We are committed to dedicating our efforts and services to ensure our patient’s comfort, ease of mind and wellness. 



Inspiration & Motivation


In a changing and growing scientific field, it is our prime duty to continuously update and educate our patients to satisfy their need to learn more through our patient education programs. 

Honesty & Transparency

Our goal is to achieve honesty in everything we do, from receiving our patients to releasing their results. We aim to reach this goal using a luxurious open style working environment. 

Continuous Education & Scientific Development 

Our employees are continuously encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge to reach the highest standards. This is accomplished through continuous medical education lectures, adding new tests with state of the art technologies and staying abreast of the latest medical updates and tests. 



Cultural and Social Responsibility


Biolab is always engaged in its cultural and social responsibilities, the current and ongoing responsibilities include:

       • Injaz volunteering and projects participation

       • Donations

       • Working in collaboration with National Geographic on the genographic project

       • Less fortunate community support


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