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Biolab is a pioneer in applying advances in medicine and science to laboratory testing in Jordan,  making it uniquely positioned to serve physicians and their patients.

We provide a wide range of medical diagnostic services, including:

Comprehensive diagnostic testing menus in Hematology, Endocrinology, Immunochemistry, Microbiology, Parasitology, Infectious Serology, Histopathology, Allergy, Oncology, Virology, Transfusion Medicine, Flow Cytometry, Autoimmunity, Molecular Genetics, Antenatal Diagnostics, and Gene Sequencing.

Custom designed test profiles for doctors, hospitals and corporations. 

Mobile patient services (House Calls) to the private homes of elderly, neonates and housebound patients. Our goal is to reach our patients wherever they are for their comfort.

Employment/ insurance related and occupational health clinical testing.


Pre-employment drug testing.

Laboratory support to research projects and clinical trials.

Patient awareness programs including pamphlets and education materials.

Biolab’s core focus is patient comfort; its design accommodates easy accessibility to the elderly and the physically challenged.

Online results, patients can access their current results and their full medical record online. 

Consultation services to hospital or private labs. This includes work flow design, equipment, staff recruitment and training, and establishment of quality assurance systems.  

Referral testing service local and regional laboratories.

Biolab has agreements with most insurance companies and banks in Jordan.


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