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Liver Antigen Profile


Autoimmune liver disease, or autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), is a chronic, progressive inflammatory liver disease of unknown etiology. The tested antibodies are considered specific serological markers of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH).


What do we test for?

  • Mitochondrial Fraction M2 (AMA-M2)
  • Liver-Kidney Microsomes (LKM-1)
  • Soluble Liver Antigen (SLA/LP)
  • Liver-Cytosol-Specific (LC-1)


Clinical significance


Autoantibodies against the Mitochondrial Fraction M2 (AMA-M2) are usually associated with Primary Biliary Liver Cirrhosis (PBC).


Autoantibodies against the Liver-Kidney Microsomes (LKM-1) are usually associated with Autoimmune Hepatitis Type-2 (AIH-2). These autoantibodies are also associated with Hepatitis C.


Autoantibodies against the Soluble Liver Antigen (SLA/LP) are highly associated with Autoimmune Hepatitis Type-3 (AIH-3), and have not been described in Viral Hepatitis.


Autoantibodies against the Liver-Cytosol-Specific (LC-1) are usually associated with Chronic Active Autoimmune Hepatitis Type-2 (AIH-2)

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