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Biolab Receives Global JCI Accreditation as Independent Lab

 In a milestone for Jordan’s medical sector, Biolab Medical Laboratory Group – an independent laboratory certified by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health – has recently been awarded the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation for its high standards providing laboratory services. Biolab is the first independent lab in Jordan to receive such high-level, international accreditation, strengthening the country’s position as a regional medical center. Only two other Arab countries have developed labs that meet the 
JCI accreditation standards. Biolab is the exclusive agent in Jordan for Biomnis, a leading French laboratory group.  


“We are proud to qualify for this impressive international accreditation in record time,” commented Dr. Amid AbdelNour, CEO of Biolab. “Having JCI accreditation reflects our commitment to meeting international standards in testing, patient care, and the proficient use of the latest innovative medical technologies. The accreditation also demonstrates our efforts to elevate the overall health and medical services sector in the Kingdom. We want to see Jordan compete locally and regionally for patients seeking high-quality testing and treatment options.”


Lara Sumrain, Head of the Quality Assurance Department at Biolab, added, “This achievement highlights our team’s high level of proficiency and dedication to patient services. There is now no doubt that our lab operates according to international health care standards. The JCI accreditation involves passing stringent clinical standards, a high-precision satisfaction evaluation, a quality of service audit, offering 24-hour availability, and providing consistent training and performance development programs for our medical staff.”


Biolab has four branches in Jordan, consisting of a central lab and three additional specialized labs across Amman. All labs provide the latest medical services, including high-quality testing, diagnostic, and consultancy services that give patients, physicians, and hospitals cutting-edge medical options.


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