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Online Results

Biolab patients can access their current results and their full medical records securely online at 

 With this system, you don’t have to wait until you pass by the lab to pick up your lab results! They are available online as soon as testing is completed in the laboratory.

Our reception team will create online accounts collecting your email address. Once they have created the account, our system will automatically send you a password to be able to access your account and view your results.

Not only can patients view their results online, but also can access a complete test interpretation and comparative historical test reports, which will help them to take control over chronic conditions and aid them in the follow up of their general health. The historical test reports can be presented in a tabular or graphical manner to ease the analysis of the case.

How to use our online service? Please download this file:You can also view your results through the mobile application “biolab” as explained in the file below.

 And you can save the results in a personal folder and keep your personal health information in one convenient place.

Download attached file here

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