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Vein Viewer


It couldn't be easier...
 A new non-invasive device allows biolab phlebotomists to see veins beneath a patient’s skin, making drawing blood easier. For some patients and their families, withdrawing blood is a stressful activity—especially for the young, elderly and obese. This new technology, the VeinViewer, which biolab has recently acquired is the first of its kind in laboratories within Jordan. 
  • No more hard-to-find veins or guesswork challenges. 
  • State-of-the-art technology in vascular access                    
The VeinViewer device resembles a small overhead projector. As a patient places their hand beneath it, a graphic light pattern immediately details the veins up to 10mm below the surface of the skin, providing a visual roadmap to patients’ vessels.
When the device is first seen by many, they are fascinated how a simple-looking device can project such details from underneath one’s skin—and without feeling anything. This state-of-the-art technology in vascular access at 
biolab is extraordinary.
 biolab is the first in Jordan to introduce this new technology that visualizes safely the veins while drawing blood, to decrease the levels of stress, anxiety and discomfort.
 The VeinViewer device is truly having an impact on patient care.” commented Chief Executive Officer at biolab Dr. Amid Abdelnour. “With the VeinViewer, we are experiencing success on even the most difficult patients. Also, the near infrared light is completely safe. It illuminates the hemoglobin in the veins so that you see them in normal light.”
Developed by Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., “This technology is changing the standard of compassionate care. We truly believe it will become a new standard of care throughout the world,” said Chris Schnee, general manager for Christie Medical Innovations. “And we’re thrilled that Biolab is joining the ranks of multiple premier health care facilities nationwide that have adopted the 
VeinViewer technology.”

biolab has joined the ranks of premier health care institutions investing in this technology, including M. D. Anderson in Houston, Duke University Health System in North Carolina, New York-based Winthrop Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General and John Hopkins Hospital, in addition to military and government facilities.

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