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To obtain a Biolab ID, please contact us at (06) 590 7000
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Patient Relations Services

 For any queries, concerns, comments or even suggestions and complaints regarding any of our sevices, please contact us through our email

 All queries, discussions and suggestions will be addressed quickly and efficiently within one working day. All communications will remain confidential and will not affect in any way our patient confidentiality..


Queries may include:    

  • Sending samples to medical centers abroad
  • Preparation of older medical history at biolab
  • Assisting patients to contact health care professional
  • Solving their complaints
  • Receiving their suggestions that are valuable in improving services.

 To serve you faster, please include the following information when you contact us at :

  • Your name
  • Your telephone number to contact you during business hours. 
  •  Description of the issue




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