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Lipoprotein a - Lp(a)


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Lp(a) is a lipoprotein consisting of an LDL particle with one molecule of apolipoprotein B-100 and a molecule of apolipoprotein A. In the body, Lp(a) is structurally close to plasminogen (interfering in blood clot formation), and can help bind LDL molecules to artery walls (speeding up plaque formation and the narrowing and hardening of the arteries). It is this dual action that may explain the role of Lp(a) in the promotion of cardiovascular disease.Lp(a) levels correlate with both early and advanced atherosclerosis, severity, extent and progression of atherosclerosis and all complications of Coronary Heart Diseases CHD.
Elevated Lp(a) is associated with increased coagulation and a three to five-fold increased incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD).


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