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Janini - Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Get Clear Answers To Your Concerns 


Janini is a non-invasive prenatal test that analyzes cell-free fetal DNA obtained from blood of the mother and screens for Down Syndrome (chr.21), Edwards Syndrome (chr.18), Patau Syndrome (chr.13) and Gender of fetus. Janini only requires a blood sample from the mother thus has no risk in any way on both mother and baby's health.



Janini test can be performed as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy.


   Incidence of trisomy conditions:



Down Syndrome: 1 in 800 newborns



Edwards Syndrome: 1 in 6,000 newborns



Patau Syndrome: 1 in 16,000 newborns



Janini test limitations:



Janini test can’t be performed for the following categories -


  • ž   Women who are pregnant with twins or multiples
  • ž   Women who are less than 10 weeks pregnant
  • ž   Women with chromosomal abnormalities
  • ž   Women who have undergone one of the following treatments in the last 4 months: blood transfusion, immune therapy, stems cell therapy, transplantation and radiation therapy.


Test results are delivered in just 8 working days after the sample is received.

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